Conversation on Leadership with Representative Mullin and State Senator Wiener

Leadership Council SMC Co-President Kaarin Hardy facilitates the conversation with Representative Mullin and State Senator Wiener.

May 31, the day before the Class of 2024's graduation, was Civics Day, our last Learning Day of the program year, and was a combined class of both Emerging Leaders and Leadership CORPS participants.

We were fortunate to be joined by United States Representative Kevin Mullin and California State Senator Scott Wiener for a segment entitled “Conversation on Leadership.” Representative Mullin serves the 15th District of California encompassing most of San Mateo County and the southeast side of San Francisco, and State Senator Wiener serves California’s 11th Senatorial District encompassing San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County.

In this lively, hour-long discussion, these two accomplished leaders shared their experiences and wisdom on what it takes to lead change. They talked about their high priority projects, giving insights on how they create impact. They didn’t hesitate to describe the challenges that lawmakers face in the current political climate, and they also shared the reasons why they remain hopeful that leaders working together can continue to create results for those they represent.

Our Emerging Leaders and Leadership CORPS participants truly loved this session. Feedback included: 

“It was great hearing from these two local leaders directly. They gave the sense they truly care about their work and are trying to do their best for our community.”
“Humanizing politicians, insight on what it takes to lead from that level, and feeling like leadership is accessible, have had a huge impact in [me] feeling connected to elected officials, public policy, and the larger political arena.”
“I appreciated their vulnerability and openness.”
“[I have a] better understanding of different challenges that exist based on different levels of government. It was also nice to hear their perspective on leadership and what it takes to become more involved in government.”
“This was my favorite Learning Day talk.”

Leadership Council SMC thanks Representative Mullin and Senator Wiener who gave their time so generously to inspire our participants.