Innovative Strengths Workshop Gets High Marks

Alicia Santamaria of Adelante Coaching + Consulting leads participants in this Leadership Lab.

Leadership Council SMC was excited to partner with Alicia Santamaria of Adelante Coaching + Consulting who provided expert facilitation of Leadership Lab: Talents to Strengths, an innovative program that consisted of two half-day sessions during February. Participants explored their unique leadership strengths and built action plans in a collaborative, community-learning workshop.

The program, a Leadership Council SMC Learning event, was open to anyone who lived and/or worked in San Mateo County, and offered our community access to affordable and impactful professional development led by an expert, accredited coach.

Foundational to this experience was Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment and the CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report, a personalized analysis of participants’ Top 10 Talent Themes with guidance as to how to use those talents to succeed in their role.

Alicia brought her high-energy and deep knowledge of these tools, making this interactive experience both professionally rewarding and fun for attendees. With over 25 years of coaching experience and more than a decade of experience using CliftonStrengths tools, she helped participants through collaborative and thought-provoking exercises. Peer-to-peer coaching took participants to new levels of appreciation about their personal strengths and how to use them.

Here is what participants said about “Leadership Lab: Talents to Strengths”:

“Talent to Strengths contributed to my leadership development because every opportunity to examine how I'm performing and consider ways to improve contributes to my life and work. I sometimes forget to ‘be’ and not just ‘do,’ and this program was a great reminder that I can be a leader by bringing my strengths and showing up.”
“I loved the consultant activity. It helped inspire me to come up with creative solutions to address my leadership challenge.”
“It helped me understand that I may already be leading in ways I didn't realize before. And what gets measured gets managed!”

Many thanks to Alicia Santamaria for facilitating this Leadership Council SMC Leadership Lab. Find out more about Alicia’s workplace coaching and consulting at or email her at

Thank you to @SanMateo Public Library and @ChanZuckerberg Initiative for hosting the Leadership Lab: Talent to Strengths sessions!

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