Leadership Council SMC Hosts “Disrupting Bias” Training

Last week Leadership Council SMC hosted “Disrupting Bias,” a two-part, three-hour virtual training aimed at building participants’ confidence to identify microaggressions / subtle acts of exclusion and to understand and practice how to disrupt them.

Amber Checky and Heather Checky of Inclusion Counts led attendees through presentations on identity, unconscious bias, cultural competence, and identifying and interrupting microaggressions.

Participants engaged deeply in the work sharing their reflections, observations, experiences, and concerns during small group discussions and exercises.

It was fast-paced and engaging, filled with community and hope. Participants shared that afterwards they felt empowered to use this learning to be an inclusion advocate in their workplaces and lives.

Brigitte Shearer, Director of Belmont Parks and Recreation, said, “This training was EXCELLENT! I’m so glad I participated. It was very helpful with simple, clear definitions, examples, and actions to implement immediately. I am a better ally from this day forward.”

Thank you to Amber and Heather for expert leadership!

Watch www.leadershipcouncilsmc.org for future events and programs.