SMCMVCD’s Work Protects Public Health

One of the Leadership Council SMC groups that toured the San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District in Burlingame. Left to right (standing): Monroe Labouisse, Brian Weber, Isabella Yee, Karen Hager, Margi Power, Michael Guina; (kneeling) Rachel Curtis-Robles, Lena Silberman, Kaarin Hardy.

One of our Class of 2024 Emerging Leaders, Rachel Curtis-Robles, led small-group tours of San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District (SMCMVCD) for the Leadership Council SMC community. Rachel is SMCMVCD’s Public Health Education and Outreach Officer.

Rachel is an excellent teacher! We learned a lot about the life cycle of the mosquito, such as the fact that only females bite and mitigation methods to contain mosquitos and other pests, and so much more. Rachel made the tour really engaging, explaining the science behind this common flying insect, and valuable information about all of the work that SMCMVCD does every day. SMCMVCD’s mission is to safeguard the health and comfort of the citizens of San Mateo County through a science-based program of integrated vector management.

The timing of these tours could not have been more perfect. Our Emerging Leaders and Leadership CORPS program participants have been focused on Healthy Communities in March and Climate Impact and Adaptation in April.

Thank you to Rachel who generously shared her time and talents. She captivated us with her knowledge, passion, and ability to explain the SMCMVCD’s essential role in protecting public health by controlling mosquito populations and preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. 

We always invite our entire community to participate in extended learning experiences. It was great to see so many Immersion Program alumni participate on these tours!

If you find mosquitoes in your area, please call SMCMVCD at (650) 344-8592 to address the issue. You can learn more about the work of SMCMVCD on their website, or sign up for a tour of the District facilities in Burlingame by going to their District Tours webpage.